The struggle of being an artist, living everyday with a constant hunger for creativity. But having at the same time, things to do. Things to deal with. And your mental health. This film is an exploration of self expression, and how it is known of artist’s to have a distinct way of thought. It is important to seek inside yourself for a better understanding of your creating processes. The project was delivered by a series of constant brainstorming. It was clear that the goal of the film was to express myself, but there had to be a plot. Firstly, I mapped out my idea and created a story with it. Later, thinking of the visuals that complement the meaning of my story, a storyboard was created. This storyboard included location and each frame would have an intention behind it. Filming, it was important to capture series of footage, from different angles showcasing different movements. Post-Production consisted in creating a piece of music that will match the film’s purpose spared in sections for the visuals. Later, I assembled the film accordingly to the audio. For the narrative, to match with the film’s concept, it was narrated only once by playing the previously elaborated piece of music. Proper freestyle. The assemblage of the film was left to complement the remaining pieces of conceptuality.


Music by Bajofondo, Luciano Supervielle and Luis Salazar Weil.