Vetta Internship

November, 2016. A record of my internship work with Vetta Productions, with a very passionate reflection. Walking the city in a warm afternoon, I read a sign behind a glass that said “Design means Business”. My attention was immediately grabbed; I am not alone in this world. Not much time passed until I was making […]

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Querido papá, Hoy especialmente disfruto la lluvia.   No le tuve ningún tipo de expectativa al llegar hoy. Se que estuvo resonando uno que otro día; y que se le esperaba la llegada. Tal vez y la vi irse. Pero nunca la disfruté de principio a fin. Me gusta porque me hizo sentirme a salvo; […]

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Wera Wednesdays

I love walking by your side, with the same speed. We just can look at different stuff and note about it. It is something special because normally, other people can’t see what you see. Wera understands me so easily. But gets surprised most of the times. This is something great because I feel that I […]

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