November, 2016. A record of my internship work with Vetta Productions, with a very passionate reflection.

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Walking the city in a warm afternoon, I read a sign behind a glass that said “Design means Business”. My attention was immediately grabbed; I am not alone in this world.
Not much time passed until I was making business myself. I got offered a graphic design internship with one of the best studios in Townsville: Vetta Productions. The application process required me to have a portfolio, a designed resume and passionate writing skills to get me on top of the game. This application was extremely productively procrastinated; but it helped me to finally develop my website. I got to meet the team and design under their name for 30 hours. What an enjoyable week, I didn’t want it to finish.
I was granted access to their unimaginable world of solutions. The studio had five team members, and they were fully occupied with lots of work in progress and busy scheduling future projects. It had a great creative environment; time didn’t seem as it used to be. I was handed in a design task to complete in my placement; and I’m very grateful to have never done it before: my job was to design The Ville’s food advertisement.
I couldn’t have been more engaged with this task; since my side job is cooking at The Ville. Having the knowledge of the full creation of the design, helped me understand the way that we digitally enhance the real life. It was my first time editing food photos and designing to an audience that I well knew in service. Although, following a creative brief, naming and formatting documents was a complete new world of thought.
I had to deliver two designs; one proof was due before the end of the week, and the other one in December (so there was time to do it). My design process was slow compared to the rest of the team. But I took my time to explore design solutions; sketching, referencing, getting inspiration, asking every now and then questions. I got really good feedback in my job, but I was pushed into doing it more quickly. It wasn’t until Wednesday that another team member did another The Ville design, and it just took her a couple of hours! I was inspired on how quickly and efficient the creatives worked. On the same day, my Chicken Kiev design was finished and approved by the client’s marketing director; lots of celebrations.
Team discussions happened every day, and I was invited to listen and comment. I felt really welcomed in the team and confident. I’m really grateful for this experience; I had a feeling of business and how to communicate in the industry. There was a set time for office work, but they never stopped creating and developing their projects. If possible, I would love to be hired by them and work in projects for local businesses; make Townsville a better place. If not, I’m very happy to keep in touch, as I have; pass by the office and share updates.
Thirty hours were not enough for me to finish my second task; therefore a couple of weeks later, I stopped by their studio and completed the Kobe hero dish for January. I also received good feedback; and the permission to use these designs in my portfolio.
This experience influenced my career plan; I know that many students want to leave Townsville to the bigger cities. I also wanted that, but not anymore. Townsville is a very special place, and very young with just 150 years old. Growing up in a country like Venezuela, gave me another perspective; its arising problems are continuously making the citizens leave, just like me. The hope is so inexistent, that from where will we find our solutions? Townsville is my chance to stay and make things better. If you go down to Melbourne and get a job, your pay will just reach your expenses; and not just that. You will spend three years just editing photos, or brochures. If you spend three years in Townsville, you will be on top of the game. You will know how to talk to people, how to make business, how to connect communities, how to network, how to help each other. Our time is now, to stop complaining and make Townsville better. Who better than us to do it, but ourselves, together, collaborating? ‘The whole is other than the sum of the parts’. This reflects in my future, I am learning to succeed. Townsville is easy to fix. I will come back to Venezuela and put all my heart to fix its horrendous issues, with my art.
I was noted on my time efficiency. I am aware that I am a very slow producer, I will work my way into being rapidly effective. I enjoy working so much, that I regret not starting earlier so my project lasts longer. There is room for improvement and I am looking forward.
This internship helped me to decide on my Honours; and afterwards I will do a masters/PhD. I will study and gain as much experience as possible, to help re-shape Townsville while I’m building myself.